Next Meeting – 15 June 2013 + Demo

The next Regional Meeting will take place on 15 June 2013 at Lambeth College (not Carlow Street).

Room S120, Lambeth College
Clapham Centre, 45 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 9BL.

The meeting will be divided into two as usual:

  • 10-11.45 Plenary (HE+FE)
  • 12-1.30 Sectoral meetings

Following the meeting there is a demonstration that afternoon called by UCU and UNISON to oppose cuts and job losses at Lambeth College.

Early indications are that around 50FTE compulsory redundancies are expected to follow as a result of severe cuts.

Please bring union banners and encourage colleagues to attend.

The demonstration assembles at Clapham Common at 1:30pm to march to a rally in Brixton for 3pm at Windrush Square.


One thought on “Next Meeting – 15 June 2013 + Demo

  1. When is the next london region meeting? The march in Lambeth was good. Loads of students are turning up for access courses despite fees, Lambeth and other colleges look were foolish to cut it.

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