National UCU Activist Meeting, 25 January

National UCU Activist Meeting, 25 January

After the Election: Build the Fightback

Organising for Higher Education Strike Wave 2

Building the Union and Fighting to Win

Saturday 25 January, 11-4pm
Engineering Building, Malet Place
University College London
Central London

Called by UCU branches at Brighton, Cambridge, Goldsmiths, Imperial College, Manchester, Newcastle, Queen Mary and UCL. Organised by UCU London Region.

Our union is on a war footing in Higher Education to defend pay and pensions, and to fight casualisation, rising workload and pay inequality. The first wave of HE strike action saw 60 universities strike for eight days over pay and pensions. Many more are now reballoting. HE Sector Conference voted for 14 further strike days in the Spring Term and for branches to start strategic planning to hit the Summer Term.

The whole post-16 sector is under threat from cuts and government-driven market chaos. The Nottingham College strike was a fight for survival at the sharp end. Boris Johnson’s Brexit Government presents new threats — to funding, jobs and to members rights to stay in the UK. What is clear is that it falls to trade unionists to defend our members and our sector now.

Ordinary members are leading pickets and getting involved in their union with a gusto. We have a huge responsibility.

This one-day meeting is organised to give reps from all over the UK, in FE and HE, a chance to meet to discuss how we can best defend our sector, how we can build our union and fight to win.


11-11.30am Registration
11.30-12.00 noon Introductory remarks: striking back after the election – with French railway striker
12.00-1.30pm Negotiation progress: what has been achieved and what is still at stake

  • USS – Vicky Blake, Carlo Morelli
  • Four Fights – Jo McNeill, Mark Abel
1.30-2pm – lunch break –
2pm-3.15pm Regional and branch organising for the strikes – and uniting the union

  • Migrant members – Asiya Islam
3.15-4pm Reballoting for Summer Term action

Model motion

Pass this motion through your branch:

[This branch*] resolves

  1. to build the industrial campaign, e.g. by organising meetings in departments, casualised staff groups, calling protests, etc., to [achieve a high turnout in the ballot and*] prepare for the forthcoming strike action planned for February;
  2. to support the national UCU activists meeting on 25 January in Central London, to advertise it among members, and to send [X*] delegates, covering expenses.

*amend as appropriate

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