Pledge your support for the UCU boycott of London Metropolitan University

LATEST – UCU calls for an international comprehensive academic boycott of London Metropolitan University


Sign the pledge

How you can support the boycott

Members are asked to support the academic boycott in any way that they can. This may include not doing the following at London Met:

  • applying for any advertised jobs
  • speaking at or organising academic or other conferences
  • giving guest lectures
  • accepting positions as visiting professors or researchers
  • writing for any academic journal which is edited at or produced by the institution in question
  • accepting new contracts as external examiners for taught courses
  • collaborating on new research projects.

NB: UCU members employed by LMU itself must not participate in the academic boycott in order to protect their contractual position. 

Please note that the above advice will not ordinarily preclude members from supporting the boycott with regard to such things as refusing to apply for, or accept an external examiner’s contract, choosing not to provide a visiting lecture at LMU, choosing a research partner and so on since these are generally matters of individual academic autonomy. Members in any doubt about their contractual position should seek the union’s advice before acting.

For the avoidance of doubt, where any of the above activities forms part of your existing contractual duties or where you are otherwise unsure about this you should only refrain from doing them after your head of department (or line manager) has given you prior permission to do so. UCU is not asking or encouraging academics to act in breach of their contracts of employment.

If you have any queries please contact Matt Waddup at

What you can do to support London Met UCU

Even if you do not currently engage in any of these activities, we ask you to make a public commitment to boycott in advance, and ask your colleagues to do likewise.

Further, we ask you to write to London Met’s Vice Chancellor and Chair of Governors to pledge your support for our campaign:-

Finally, we ask you to do your utmost to publicise the boycott and the issues at stake.

Letter – Resist the privatisation of HE – we pledge our solidarity to London Met UCU

An abridged version of this letter appeared in the Guardian newspaper on Saturday 6 August 2016.

We the undersigned, commit ourselves to a campaign of solidarity and support for the UCU branch at London Metropolitan University (LMU), in their battle for the future of the university.

LMU Management are attempting to radically restructure the university, not on educational principles, but to run the most profitable courses as cheaply as possible. Students and staff are paying the price. Since its formation by merger of University of North London and London Guildhall University, London Metropolitan has been run into the ground, with student numbers cut from over 30,000, at its formation in 2002, to a projected 10,000, departments and courses slashed, serial rounds of job losses, and the campus reduced from three sites to one.

The fight at London Met is coming to a head in the summer of 2016. The timing is no accident.

The Higher Education and Research Bill in front of Parliament seeks to intensify competition in the Higher Education sector. It will permit private companies to enter the market for students and the tuition fee income they bring. This income is now uncapped by student numbers and (as one of the last acts of this Parliament) permitted to rise with inflation. Unlike a proper university, which is supposed to have a broad range of courses, these ‘alternative providers’ will be permitted to cherry-pick courses according to profitability.

LMU management is emulating these companies, possibly as a prelude to formal privatisation. Across the road from the main LMU Tower Building, new student accommodation is going up. The newly-appointed chair of the Board of Governors was until recently a senior Pearson executive. It is not hard to read the signs.

Two facts stand out about London Met: it has a higher UK BME student intake than the entire Russell Group of Universities put together, and its budget and staffing have been cut annually as a result of the ravages of existing market competition. LMU demonstrates empirically that the Government’s Higher Education Bill will reduce social mobility, not increase it. Indeed, market competition has already led to the closure of a wide range of highly-regarded research units and courses taken by working-class and black students. Greater deregulation simply allows managers to cut further.

London Met is a test case and a key battleground for the soul of Higher Education. Having axed courses, the management is engaged in a full-scale assault on the conditions of employment of staff. For the next academic session, a third of the workforce (395 staff) have been told that they will be made redundant. Most jobs are not disappearing, however. Instead they will be filled by staff on Sports Direct-style zero-hour contracts.

Finally, in order to break the local trade union opposition to this return to Victorian working conditions, the management of LMU has sacked the Chair and Secretary of the UCU branch, Mark Campbell and David Hardman. Despite huge pressure on them personally, these colleagues have pledged to continue their fight to defend jobs and to demand their reinstatement. We the undersigned call on the entire trade union movement to stand with Mark and David and the local UCU branch.

The LMU UCU branch has voted to be consulted on strike action in defence of jobs and of their representatives. If LMU management does not back down, the branch is consulting its members to request UCU to call on academic colleagues, world-wide, to boycott London Metropolitan University. We pledge our support for such strike action and for any academic boycott, should it prove necessary. We call on all others who care about Higher Education to do likewise.

Initial signatories include:

Elizabeth Lawrence (Sheffield Hallam University (retd.), UCU President 2014-16)

Sean Wallis (University College London, UCU NEC, jt. ed. Alternative White Paper for HE, AWP)
Rachel Cohen (City University of London, UCU NEC, jt. ed. AWP)
Professor John Holmwood (University of Nottingham, Campaign for the Public University, CPU, jt. ed. AWP)
Tom Hickey (University of Brighton, ex-UCU NEC, Council for the Defence of British Universities, CDBU, jt. ed. AWP)

Professor Alex Callinicos (King’s College London)
Professor Michael Lavalette (Liverpool Hope University)
Professor Bob Brecher (University of Brighton)
Professor Andreas Bieler (University of Nottingham, ex-UCU NEC)
Professor Nicola Countouris (Faculty of Law, University College London)
Professor Maggie Humm (University of East London)
Professor Simon Jarvis (University of Cambridge)
Professor Christopher Fox (Professor of Music, Brunel University)
Professor Susanne Kord (University College London)
Professor David Owen (Social and Political Philosophy, University of Southampton)
Professor Andrea Brady (Queen Mary University of London)
Professor Jeff Hearn (University of Huddersfield)
Professor Stephen Bax (Modern Languages and Linguistics, The Open University)
Professor Andrew Bowie (Philosophy and German, Royal Holloway, University of London)
Professor Peter Scott (UCL Institute of Education)
Professor Lisa Jack (Accounting, University of Portsmouth)
Professor David McLellan (Political Theory, University of Kent)
Professor Francis Green (University College London)
Professor Hartmut Logemann (University of Bath)
Professor Philip Welch (Mathematics, University of Bristol)
Professor Richard Hall (Professor of Education and Technology, De Montfort University, Leicester)
Professor Michael Loughlin (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Professor Sonu Shamdasani (University College London)
Professor Matthew Beaumont (University College London)
Professor Julian Stallabrass (Courtauld Institute of Art, London)
Professor Mick Carpenter (University of Warwick)
Professor Martin Paul Eve (Literature, Technology and Publishing, Birkbeck College, University of London)
Professor Patrick Ainley (Education and Training, University of Greenwich)
Professor Colin Samson (University of Essex)
Professor Jay Mitra (Business Enterprise and Innovation, University of Essex)
Professor E.J. Higgs (History, University of Essex)
Professor Lydia Morris (University of Essex)
Professor Peter Emery (King’s College London)
Professor David Treece (Camoens Professor of Portuguese, Kings College London)
Professor Pat Thane (Contemporary History, King’s College, London)
Professor Maria Cristina Fumagalli (University of Essex)
Professor Gregor Gall (Industrial Relations, University of Bradford)
Professor Philip Moriarty (University of Nottingham)
Professor Ozlem Onaran (Director, Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, University of Greenwich)
Professor David Leat (Newcastle University)
Professor Peter Jorgensen (Newcastle University)
Professor Harvey Goldstein (Social Statistics, University of Bristol)
Professor Meg Maguire (King’s College London)
Professor Karen Corrigan (Newcastle University)
Professor Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick, CPU)
Professor Tim May (University of Durham)
Professor Ian Parker (University of Leicester)
Professor Nickie Charles (University of Warwick)
Professor Noel Whiteside (University of Warwick)
Professor Erica Burman (Education, University of Manchester)
Professor Martin Iddon (University of Leeds)
Professor Ziad Elmarsafy (Comparative Literature, King’s College London)
Professor Rick Hanley (University of Essex)
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang (London School of Economics)
Professor Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University)
Professor Eleanor Dickey (Classics, University of Reading)
Professor Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University)
Professor Paul Blackledge (Leeds Beckett University, UCU Branch Secretary, ex-UCU NEC)
Professor Christopher Hughes (International Relations, London School of Economics)
Professor Des Freedman (Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Professor Ailsa Land (London School of Economics (retd.))
Professor Evelyn Ruppert (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Professor Philip Garner (Education, University of Northampton)
Professor Malcolm Povey (Food Physics, University of Leeds, UCU Executive, ex-UCU NEC)
Professor Martin Collinson (University of Aberdeen)
Professor Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)
Professor Eve Rosenhaft (University of Liverpool)
Professor Alex Law (Sociology, Abertay University)
Professor Philip Marfleet (University of East London)
Professor Amanda Hopkinson (City University, London)
Professor Jayne Osgood (Middlesex University)
Professor David Whyte (University of Liverpool)
Professor Ralph Fevre (Social Research, Cardiff Universirty)
Professor Stephen Hall (University of Liverpool)
Professor Lasse Rempe-Gillen (Pure Mathematics, University of Liverpool)
Professor Barry Smart (Sociology, University of Portsmouth)
Professor Kay Peggs (University of Winchester)
Professor Michael Rosen (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Professor Ruth Aylett (Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University, UCU Executive Committee)
Professor Ian Gough (London School of Economics)
Professor Lucy Green (UCL Institute of Education)
Professor Theodore Vurdubakis (Lancaster University)
Professor Bob Jessop (Lancaster University)
Professor Paul Ashwin (Lancaster University)
Professor Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University)
Professor Louisa Sadler (University of Essex)
Professor Nigel Clark (Lancaster University)
Professor Henry Maitles (Education, University of the West of Scotland)
Professor David Johnson (The Open University)
Professor Philippa Browning (University of Manchester)
Professor David Whyte (University of Liverpool)
Professor Adam Price (University of Aberdeen)
Professor Robert Moore (University of Liverpool (retd.))
Professor Martin Swales (University College London (retd.))
Professor Lyn Innes (Postcolonial literarures, University of Kent (retd.))
Professor Andrew Louth (Durham University (retd.))
Professor Jonathan Rosehead (London School of Economics (retd.))
Professor Robert Miller (Queens University Belfast (retd.))
Professor William Outhwaite (Sociology, Newcastle University (retd.))
Professor Peter Morris (Lancaster University (retd.))
Professor Dennis Leech (Economics, Warwick University, UCU Branch Past-President (retd.))
Professor Max Farrar (Leeds Beckett University (retd.))
Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards FBA (Celtic, University of Oxford (retd.))

Steve Hedley (RMT Assistant General Secretary)
Ronnie Draper (BFAWU General Secretary)
Ian Hodson (BFAWU President)
Kiri Tunks (NUT Vice-President, personal capacity)
Jess Edwards (NUT NEC, Inner London, pc)
Michael Dance (NUT LGBT+ Advisory Committee (pc))
Ian Bradley (Unite the Union, Branch Teasurer)
Jo Cardwell (Vice-chair Islington Unison)
Dave Statham (GMB Holborn Branch)
Zita Holbourne (Author, PCS National Executive Member, Co-Chair BARAC UK)
Cllr. Gary Heather (Islington Labour Party)
Harold Wilson (NUJ, freelancer)
Ian Allinson (Chair, Unite Fujitsu UK Combine, pc)
Paul Burnham (UNISON Steward, pc)
Margaret Bulaitis (Secretary Ipswich NUT, pc)
Inbar Tamari (Hackney NUT President, pc)
Chris Easton (UNITE member)
Alexis Chase (UNITE member)
Richard Humm (Ex-Member, Court of Governors, Polytechnic of North London)

Alan Whitaker (UCU National President 2010-2011)
Xanthe Whittaker (University of Leicester, UCU NEC)
Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow, UCU NEC)
Elaine White (Bradford College, UCU NEC)
Margot Hill (Croydon College, UCU NEC)
Tracia McManus (University of Brighton, UCU NEC)
Dave Muritu (Sandwell College, UCU NEC)
Paul Errington (Senior Lecturer, Teesside University, UCU NEC)
Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee, UCU NEC)
Bruce Heil (Open University, UCU NEC)
Vicky Blake (University of Leeds, UCU NEC)
Victoria Showunmi (UCL Institute of Education, UCU NEC)
Julie Hearn (Lancaster University, UCU NEC)
Jo McNeil (Liverpool University, UCU NEC)
Mary Jennings (Cambridge University, UCU NEC)
Richard McEwan (Tower Hamlets College, UCU NEC)
Mandy Brown (Lambeth College, UCU NEC)
Lesley Kane (Open University, ex-UCU NEC)
Jean Crocker (University of Durham, ex-UCU NEC, Anti-Casualisation Committee)
Laura Miles (Bradford College (retd.), ex-UCU NEC)
Gordon Watson (University of Strathclyde, ex-UCU NEC)
Craig Lewis (TUC course coordinator, Coleg Harlech, Wales (retd.), ex-UCU NEC)
Karen Evans (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool, ex-UCU NEC)

Billie Loebner (Middlesex University)
Rose Veitch (Hackney Community College, UCU Branch Membership Secretary)
Priyamvada Gopal (Churchill College, University of Cambridge)
Michael Pierse (Queens University Belfast)
Véronique Altglas (Queens University Belfast)
Nadia Edmond (University of Brighton, Chair UCU Falmer Branch)
Xavier Ribas (University of Brighton)
Eugene Michail (University of Brighton)
Zöe Sutherland (University of Brighton)
Joanna Kellond (University of Brighton)
Luis Diaz (University of Brighton)
Neil Davidson (University of Glasgow)
Les Levidow (Lecturer, The Open University)
Dave Tinham (Kingston University, UCU Health and Safety Officer)
Sharon Kivland (Reader in Art, Sheffield Hallam University, UCU rep)
Ron Mendel (Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Northampton, UCU Branch President)
Saladin Meckled-Garcia (University College London, UCU Branch President)
Tony Brown (University College London, UCU Branch Secretary)
Andy Fugard (Lecturer in Psychology, University College London, UCU Executive Member)
Mehdi Husaini (Teesside University)
John Yandell (UCL Institute of Education, UCU Branch President)
Charlie Owen (Senior Research Officer, UCL Institute of Education)
Jamie Melrose (University of Bristol, UCU Branch VP)
John Draper (Head of Administration, Division of Psychology & Language Sciences, University College London)
Sonya Andermahr (Reader in English, University of Northampton, Faculty UCU Rep)
Martin Fry (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University College London, UCU Branch Executive)
Julian Wells (Principal lecturer in Economics, Kingston University)
Philip Harris (Senior Lecturer, Kingston University)
Nicholas Freestone (Kingston University, HE Bisocience Teacher of the Year 2014-15
Carol Cody (City of Liverpool College, UCU Liason Secretary, UCU NW Women’s Equality Officer)
Penny Andrews (University of Sheffield)
Simon Cross, (Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University)
Mary Garrison (Lecturer, University of York)
John Child (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex)
Kyran Joughin (University of the Arts London, UCU Branch Secretary)
Joanne Lee (Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University)
Jann Matlock (Senior Lecturer, University College London)
Andrew Warstat (Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University)
Martin Ward (Reader in Software Engineering, De Montfort University, Leicester)
Markus Wohlfeil (Lecturer, University of Stirling)
Chris Hesketh (Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University)
Ioana Cerasella Chis (Student, University of Birmingham)
James Gerrard (Newcastle University)
Carl Walker (Principal lecturer, University of Brighton)
Richie Nimmo (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Manchester)
Baris Cayli (Univeristy of Derby)
Paul Booth (Hon. Senior Research Fellow in History, Keele University)
Michael Brookes (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Rachel Rosen (Lecturer, University College London)
Catherine Fritz (University of Northampton, UCU Branch Membership Secretary)
Kaveh Boveiri (Doctorant – Membre du SÉSUM, Université de Montréal)
April Virgoe (Leeds College of Art)
Paul Attinello (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
John Snijders (Reader in Music Performance, Durham University)
Ruth Lewis (University of Northumbria)
Justin Cruickshank (Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham)
Alison Jasper (University of Stirling, UCU Athena SWAN Rep)
Liz Chandler (University of Manchester)
Jeremy Riley French (Freelance Academic)
John Baxter (Sheffield College (retd.))
Andy Harper (Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths College London)
Mark Adams (Lecturer, University of Bolton)
Dr Michael Costen (University of Bristol (retd.))
Chrstina Butler (Associate Professor, Kingston University)
Mike Roberts (Director of Studies, Kingston University, UCU Branch President (retd.))
Aisling O’Sullivan (Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex)
Elizabeth Elliott (Lecturer, University of Aberdeen)
Ian Willcock (Postgraduate Coordinator, University of Hertfordshire)
Iain Frame (Lecturer, Kent Law School)
John Hilsdon (Associate Professor, Plymouth University)
Michael Szpakowski (Writtle College)
Jordan Mckenzie (Lecturer, University for the Arts London)
Heather Mendick (Freelance Academic)
Gill Foster (Associate Professor, London South Bank University)
Sherrill Stroschein (Senior Lecturer, University College London, CDBU)
Melanie Crofts (University of Northampton)
Simon Choat (Kingston University, UCU Branch Membership Secretary)
Stephen Bates (University of Birmingham)
David Sergeant (Plymouth University)
Jon Nixon (Honorary Professor, The Education University of Hong Kong)
Bahadur Najak (Durham University (retd.))
Paul Ward (University of Huddersfield)
Stephen Meredith (University of Central Lancashire)
John Croft (Reader in Music, Brunel University London)
Sabina Avdagic (University of Sussex)
Stacy Gillis (Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Newcastle University, UCU Branch Executive Committee Member)
Marina Vishmidt (University of Brighton)
Patricia Alessandrini (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Jane Coles (UCL Institute of Education)
Gary Fooks (Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Public Policy, Aston University)
Steve McRobb (Principal Lecturer, De Montfort University, Leicester (retd.))
Rob Gawthrop (Senior Lecturer, Falmouth University, UCU Branch President (retd.))
Rory Archer (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Graz, Austria)
Ian Hunt (Lecturer in Fine Art, Critical Studies, Goldsmiths University of London)
Paul Reynolds (Reader in Sociology and Social Philosophy, Edge Hill University)
Mike Cushman (London School of Economics, UCU Hourly paid and fixed term officer)
Liz Morrish (Nottingham Trent University)
Amy Chamier (UCL Institute of Education, UCU Branch Secretary)
Samuel Baeza (Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester)
Eric Jeanpierre (Senior Lecturer, Kingston University)
Newton Armstrong (Senior Lecturer, City University London)
Imogen Welch (West Herts College)
Daniel Nehring (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Worcester)
Robert Webber (Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, Leicester)
Yohai Hakak (Lecturer in Social Work, Brunel University London)
James Procter (Reader, Newcastle University)
Andreas Werner (Reader, Newcastle University)
Paul Becker (Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Russell Phillips (Newcastle University)
Adam Morton (Lecturer in British History, Newcastle University)
Dagmar Paulus (University College London)
Steve Pettifer (The University of Manchester)
Colin Bryson (Director of the Combined Honours Centre, Newcastle University)
Keran James (Artist/curator, studio1.1 gallery, London)
Abigail Schoneboom (Lecturer, Northumbria University)
Claudia Kappenberg (Course Leader, College of Art and Humanities, Brighton University)
Martin Farr (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Karen West (Senior Lecturer, Aston University)
Sara Maioli (Newcastle University, UCU Executive Committee)
Elina Meliou (Newcastle University)
David Brewster (Lecturer, UWE)
Nadia Hebson (Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Andy Higginbottom (Kingston University, UCU Branch Chair)
Ethan Hack (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Dave Churchley (Newcastle University)
Selina Lock (University of Leicester, UCU Committee Member)
Daragh O’Reilly (Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield)
Marnie Holborow (Associate Faculty, Dublin City University)
Christopher Roche (University of Bath, UCU Branch Vice President)
Portia Ungley (Senior Lecturer, Kingston University)
Julian Lewis (University of Bath)
Ewen Speed (Senior Lecturer, University of Essex)
Armelle Tardiveau (Lecturer in Architecture, Newcastle University)
Martha Harris (City of Liverpool College)
Silke Arnold-de Simine (Reader, Birkbeck)
Ronnie Landau (Senior Lecturer, ex- Leo Baeck College)
Dylan Kerrigan (Lecturer, University of the West Indies)
Steve Rolfe (Research Fellow, University of Stirling)
Rupert Hildyard (Principal Lecturer in English, University of Lincoln)
Kenneth Wright (Lecturer, Newcastle University (retd.))
Theresa Easton (Newcastle University)
Alex Latham (Lecturer in Welfare Law, University of Sussex)
Marika Rose (Research Fellow, Durham University)
Raphael Krut-Landau (Philosophy Dept, Princeton University, USA)
David Stewart (Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Aziz Ait-Braham (Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University)
Simon Jones (Lecturer, University of Stirling)
Nick Clark (Researcher, Middlesex University)
L Mayblin (Research Fellow, University of Sheffield)
Geoffrey Cox (Lecturer, University of Huddersfield)
Renata Albuquerque (SOAS, University of London)
Pam Clarke (Researcher, University of Liverpool, UCU Branch Committee )
Alejandro Quiroga (Newcastle University)
Rory Daly (Lancaster University, UCU Branch President)
Khursheed Wadia (Principal Research Fellow, University of Warwick)
Jill Daniels (University of East London, UCU Branch Anti-Casualisation Officer)
John Mctague (Lecturer in English, University of Bristol)
John Timberlake (Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University)
Lynne Pettinger (University of Warwick)
Sophie Gamwell (Lecturer, De Montfort University)
David Stewart (University of Liverpool)
Geoff Williams (Teaching Fellow, University College London)
Sioned Pearce (Research Associate, Cardiff University)
Helena Howe (University of Sussex)
Shakuntala Banaji (Associate Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Dr Nicholas Cimini (Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University, EIS-ULA Executive)
Astrid Kohler (Queen Mary University of London)
Alun Coker (Senior Lecturer, University College London)
Kevin McSorley (Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth)
Paul Richter (Newcastle University)
Elinor Taylor (University of Westminster)
Chrysi Papaioannou (Leeds University and Birkbeck College London)
Kevin Hilliard (Lecturer in German, University of Oxford)
Tom Greaves (University of East Anglia)
Ros Temple (University of Oxford)
Sarah Leahy (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Alexander Hunter (Lecturer in Music, Australian National University)
Michael Mason (Associate Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Tony Whelan (Guest Teacher, London School of Economics)
Kirsty Liddiard (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield)
Graham Smith (Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Eugene Nulman (Birmingham City University)
Sarah Fletcher (Administrator, Newcastle University)
Peter Jones (Ex Chair, UCU Cymru (retd.))
Dan Burrows (Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton)
Anne-Marie Kramer (Lecturer, University of Nottingham)
Graham Clarke (Visiting Fellow, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex)
Chris Fox (Reader, University of Essex, UCU Branch President)
Cathie Hammond (PhD student, University of Essex)
Ron Roberts (Honorary Lecturer, Kingston University)
Rick O’Gorman (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Colm Gregory (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Matt Bennett (University of Essex)
Ben Gardner Sood (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Luis Rebaza-Soraluz (Reader, King’s College London)
Susan Conroy (Researcher, King’s College London)
Martin Stevens (Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London)
Zoe Roth (Lecturer, Durham University)
Andrew Simpson (University of Essex)
Jean Alexandre (King’s College London)
Dounia Bissar (Lecturer in French, University of Essex)
Brendan Elsted (Essex University)
Mel Duffy (Lecturer, Dublin City University)
Rachael Chapman (Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University)
Shirley Franklin (Chair, Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition)
Keng Imm Hng (Research Assistant, King’s College London)
Cliff Jones (Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool)
Emily Pillinger (Lecturer in Classics, King’s College London)
Andy Otaqui (ISFP Coordinator, King’s College London)
Brandon High (Special Collections Officer, King’s College London)
Jon Phillips (Research Associate, King’s College London)
Dr Kambiz Boomla (Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London)
Jane Hindley (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Siegfried Van Duffel (Associate Professor, Nazarbayev University)
Matthias Kispert (Lecturer, University of the Arts London)
Steve Jones (Nottingham Trent University)
Eoin Lewis (Principal Lecturer, Kingston University (retd.))
Heidi Lempp (Senior Lecturer Medical Sociology, King’s College London, UCU Executive)
Nicholas De Genova (Reader in Geography, King’s College London)
Melanie Selfe (Senior Lecturer (University Campus Suffolk (retd.))
David Watson (Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia)
Hushang Balyuzi (King’s College London (retd.))
Linda Pickard (London School of Economics, UCU Research Staff Representative)
Aidan Byrne (Wolverhampton University, Branch Secretary City Branch)
Josh Petzoldt (University College London)
Phil Vellender (London South Bank University)
Lee Humber (Lecturer, Ruskin College, Oxford)
Saira Weiner (Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, Assistant Branch Secretary, NW Regional Joint Secretary)
John Pearce (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Dermot Lynott (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Ruth Adams (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Christina Scharff (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Simon Coffey (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Phoebe Beedell (Associate Lecturer, University of the West of England)
Chris Grover (Lancaster University)
Peter Skrandies (Language Coordinator, London School of Economics, UCU Rep)
Jane Kelly (Kingston University (retd.))
Anna Traianou (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Adalgisa Giorgio (Senior Lecturer, University of Bath)
Laura Povoledo (Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England)
Alex Masardo (Teaching Fellow, University of Bath)
Stephen Bellas (London South Bank University, Chair UCU Southwark Branch)
Patricia Palmer (Reader, King’s College London)
Deborah Chinn (Research Fellow, King’s College London)
Nicola Pratt (University of Warwick)
Elane Heffernan (Hackney Community College, Branch Equality Officer, UCU National Women’s Committee, UCU Disabled Members Standing Committee)
Emma Davis (Haringey NUT member)
Adrian Budd (Head of Division of Social Sciences, London South Bank University)
Andrew S Berry (Islington UNISON Labour Link Officer)
Dr Elizabeth Chapman (Associate Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University)
Mark O’Brien (University of Liverpool, UCU Branch Vice-President)
Sunil Banga (Lancaster University, UCU ARPS representative)
Helen MacCarthy (University of Hull)
Martin Edney (Newcastle University)
Sophia Skoufaki (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Anam Parand (Researcher, London School of Economics)
Eugene Smith (Tower Hamlets College (retd.))
Bennett Hogg (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Jelena Timotijevic (Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton)
Peter Cressey (Reader, University of Bath)
Richard Lampard (Senior Lecturer, University of Warwick)
Richard E Overill (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, King’s College London)
Ania Plomien (Assistant Professor, London School of Economics)
Claire Moon (Associate Professor, London School of Economics)
Gisa Weszkalnys (Assistant Professor, London School of Economics)
Lorna Finlayson (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Eva Nanopoulos (Lecturer, King’s College, Cambridge)
Manjeet Ramgotra (Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London)
Hedley Bashforth (Teaching Fellow, University of Bath)
Pasi Ahonen (Lecturer in Management, University of Essex)
Jill Hohenstein (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Caroline Clarke (Senior Lecturer, Open University)
Lana Liu (Lecturer, Newcastle University)
D Cash (King’s College London)
James Reynolds (Senior Lecturer, Kingston University London)
Waseem Yaqoob (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, UCU Research Staff Representative)
Alex Lancaster (University of Liverpool)
Ben Davies (Lecturer, University of Portsmouth)
Sarah Salih (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Andrew Shail (Senior Lecturer in Film, Newcastle University)
Mike Hall (Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton)
Adam Brandt (Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, Newcastle University)
David Harvie (Senior Lecturer, University of Leicester)
Elke Pawlowski (Teaching Fellow, University of Bath)
Sue Blackwell (Lecturer in Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
James Chiriyankandath (Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London)
Nick Cartwright (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Northampton, UCU Branch Secretary)
Min Seong Kim (PhD student, University of Essex)
Shaun Beckingham (Assistant Records Manager, University of Huddersfield, UCU Branch Secretary)
Mick Sumpter (Principal Lecturer in Law, University of Northampton)
Luke Cooper (Lecturer in Politics, Anglia Ruskin University)
Paul Irving (Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Gordon Asher (Learning and Curriculum Developer, University of the West of Scotland)
Lesley Catchpowle (Senior Lecturer, Greenwich University, UCU Co-Com)
Nick Jeffrey (Associate Lecturer, London School of Economics)
Bill Wringe (Assistant Professor, Bilkent University, Ankara)
Rachel Henderson (University of East Anglia, UCU Membership Secretary)
Shereen Benjamin (Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh)
Bonnie L Camplin (Lecturer in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Marion Sporing (Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee, UCU Executive Committee)
Darren Moon (Senior Learning Technologist, London School of Economics )
Mike McConnell (IT Manager, University of Aberdeen, UCU Branch Secretary)
Andrew Fletcher (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Tim Goodall (University of Leeds, UCU Branch President)
Brendon Nicholls (University of Leeds, UCU Branch Honorary Secretary)
Ian Ellis (Lecturer, University of Dundee, UCU Branch Secretary)
Fiona Stewart (Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen, UCU Rep)
John Drury (Reader in Social Psychology, Sussex University)
Paul Sedgwick (Senior Lecturer, Education, University of Northampton)
Derek Dawson (Server Infrastructure Manager, University of Aberdeen, UCU Branch Casework Co-ordinator)
Melissa Fernandez (London School of Economics)
Louise King (Lecturer in Counselling & Psychology, University of Northampton)
Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia (Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics)
Stefanie Khoury (Research Associate, University of Liverpool)
Troy Manning (Research Coordinator, University of Liverpool)
Simon Snowden (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Joseph Burridge (Principal Lecturer, University of Portsmouth)
Susan Melvin (University of Aberdeen, UCU Branch Administrator)
Tom Brown (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Jonathon O’Brien (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Janet Shapiro (Former Lecturer, London Met)
Colin Bannard (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Peta Bulmer (Research Associate, University of Liverpool)
Bridget Young (University of Liverpool)
Sarah Godfrey (Senior Lecturer, UEA)
Jonathan Vickery (Associate Professor, University of Warwick)
Russell Caplan (Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University, UCU Branch Secretary)
Patrick Dohertt (Education Developer, University of Liverpool)
Peter Monaghan (Cambridge Regional College, Secretary of UCU Eastern & Home Counties Regional Committee)
Alan Boyle (Senior Lecturer in Geology, University of Liverpool)
Lynn Hancock (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Toby Hall (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Ken Willis (University Teacher, University of Liverpool)
James White (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Northampton)
Steve Kilpatrick (University of Northampton)
Andy Grant (Teaching Fellow, King’s College London)
Gail Edwards (Newcastle University)
Andrew Kilmister (Senior Lecturer in Economics, Oxford Brookes University)
Vickie Cooper (Lecturer, Open University)
Jo Downton (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Northampton)
Irina Biktasheva (University of Liverpool)
Patrick Montague (IT Manager, Lancaster University)
Kevin Bean (Lecturer in Irish Politics, Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool)
Alan Southern (University of Liverpool)
Ouarda Dsouli (Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Dr Thomas Teubner (Reader, University of Liverpool)
Paul S Philippou (Honorary Research Fellow, University of Dundee)
Guy Longworth (Associate Professor, University of Warwick)
Rachel Beaumont (Associate Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Karin Tusting (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Sarah Mosedale (Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University)
Ruth Dar (University Colllege London (retd.), UCU Branch Treasurer)
Victoria Cann (Lecturer in Humanities, University of East Anglia)
Samuel Solomon (Lecturer in English, University of Sussex)
Jacob Huntley (Lecturer, University of East Anglia)
Kenneth Hamilton (Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia)
Nicolas Van Labeke (University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds)
Matthew Tickle (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Susan Sayce (University of East Anglia, UCU Branch Equality Officer)
Andrew M. Butler (Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University)
Stuart Raleigh (Reader, University of Northampton)
Jonathan Saha (University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds)
Adam Unwin (Senior Lecturer in Business Education, UCL Institute of Education)
Roger Baines (Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia)
Elli Georgiadou (Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University (retd.))
Claire Phillips (UCL Institute of Education)
Ambrose Hogan (Lecturer in Education, UCL Institute of Education)
Chris Watkins (Reader in Education, UCL Institute of Education)
Amos Paran (Reader in Second Language Education, UCL Institute of Education)
Peter Goddard (University of Liverpool)
Chris Wharton (Northumbria University (retd.))
Carlos de Pablos-Ortega (Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia)
Francis King (Lecturer in Modern European History, University of East Anglia)
Linda Moore (Senior Lecturer, Ulster University)
Jane Goldman (Reader, University of Glasgow)
Pete Wright (Lecturer in Mathematics Education, UCL Institute of Education)
Judith A Stewart (Lecturer, Norwich University of the Arts)
Karolin Hijazi (Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Aberdeen)
Sean Doyle (Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education)
Christine Cornea (Lecturer, University of East Anglia)
Rhiannon Lockley (Halesowen College, UCU West Midlands Chair)
Jason Glynos (University of Essex)
Ruth Amos (Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education)
Stuart Raleigh (Reader, University of Northampton)
Rachel O’Neill (King’s College London)
Jacqui Adams (Careers Adviser, University of Portsmouth)
Jessica Budds (Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia)
Holly Smith (Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education, UCU Branch Executive)
Jacquie Ridge (Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton)
D. Frost (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Rachel Shanks (Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UCU Learning Rep.)
Schaub (Lecturer, University of Essex)
Sian Preece (Senior Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education)
Jacob Phelps (Lecturer, Lancaster University, UCU Department Representative)
Dannette Marie (Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UCU Women’s and Equalities Rep)
Rodney Challis (Lecturer, Doncaster College & University Centre, Branch Secretary)
Alexandra Cleland (Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen)
Gill Anderson (Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education)
Ann Mooney (UCL Institute of Education (retd.))
Karin Alecock (Contracts Officer, University of Liverpool)
James Cussens (University of York, UCU Branch Secretary)
Goretti Horgan (Ulster, UCU Committee)
Merlin Seller (Lecturer, Norwich University of the Arts)
Lucy Munro (Reader, King’s College London)
Tamar Steinitz (Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Kate Houlden (English Literature, Anglia Ruskin)
Chris Downs (University of Chichester, UCU Branch Secretary)
Sarah Pickett (University of Brighton, Unison HE Service Group Executive, pc)
David Watts (Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UCU Branch Pensions Rep)
Haim Bresheeth (Professorial Research Associate, SOAS)
Professor Richard Farndale (University of Cambridge, UCU Executive Committee)
Owen Clayton (Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln)
Angie McConnell (Open University, UCU Trustee)
Viv Kendon (Reader, Durham University)
Kim Luetchford (Research Associate, University of Bath, Branch Recruitment Officer)
Brett Bligh (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Pete Thomas (Senor Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Thomas Mills (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Sophia Kopela (Lecturer In Law, Lancaster University)
Matt Timperley (Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University)
Graham Clinch (Lancaster University)
Gary Potter (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Alison Montague (Lancaster University)
Amanda Bingley (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Amit Thakkar (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Laszlo Fabian (Lecturer, UEA)
Iain Fothergill (Lancaster University)
Claudia Baldoli (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Paul T Seed (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
Judith Anstee (Lancaster University)
Andy Scally (Senior Lecturer, University of Bradford)
Jelena Timotijevic (Principal Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Brighton)
Reuven Brandt (Lancaster University)
Hilary Thomas (Lancaster University)
John Parrington (Associate Professor, University of Oxford)
Paul Russell (Chair, Yorkshire and the Humber Retired Members Branch UCU)
Dina Lew (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Nils Markusson (Lecturer, Lancaster University, UCU Branch Committee)
Peter Hick (Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University)
Melvyn Matier (Unison Stockport Local Govt., Health and Safety rep.)
Alison Snape (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)
James Underwood (Research Fellow, University of Huddersfield)
Elaine Walker (Open University)
Christopher Douce (Lecturer, The Open University)
Alison Higgs (Lecturer, Open University)
Peter Wilson (Associate Professor, London School of Economics)
Madeleine Knightley (Lecturer, The Open University)
Neil Southwell (Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Brendan Quinn (Senior Lecturer, The Open University)
Andy Yuille (PhD student, Lancaster University)
Mark Abel (University of Brighton, Chair, UCU Coordinating Committee)
Deana Heath (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Richard Bradbury (Associate Lecturer, The Open University, UCU regional rep)
Katy Jenkins (Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University)
Anna Baildon (University of Bath, UCU Branch Committee)
Alison Penn (Lecturer, The Open University)
Stewart Martin (Reader in Philosophy and Fine Art, Middlesex University)
Dr Becky Taylor (Reader in Modern History, University of East Anglia)
Sandy Macmillen (Social Sciences Librarian, Essex University)
Rob Murthwaite (Visiting Lecturer, Greenwich School of Management)
Andy Coles (HE Study Coach, Manchester University (retd.))
Daniel Orrells (Lecturer, King’s College London)
Phil Chandler (Systems Administrator, Lancaster University)
Joanne Smith Finley (Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Newcastle University)
Fleeta Chew Siegel (Senior Lecturer, Kingston University London)
Isy Hart (Tutor, University of Edinburgh)
Bob Smale (University of Brighton)
Jonathan Gilhooly (University of Brighton)
Prithvi Perepa (Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton)
Rebecca Whittle (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
Tracey Hill (Associate Professor, Bath Spa University, UCU Branch Chair)
Joan Hutt (Sociology/Human Resource Management Lecturer, Bury College (retd.))
Rachel Swainson (Lecturer, University of Aberdeen)
Jeremy Page (Deputy Director, Centre for Language Studies, University of Sussex)
Lindsay Brigham (Senior Lecturer, The Open University, UCU Regional Representative)
Shuruq Naguib (Lancaster University)
Sarah Foster (Brent Start (Adult and Community Education Service), UCU Branch Secretary)
Vickie Cooper (The Open University)
Jessie Cooper (Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Will McGowan (University of Liverpool)
Lingzhi Gu (Lecturer, School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool)
Chris Bayes (University of Liverpool)
Kirsten Forkert (Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University, UCU Branch Secretary)
Debbi Stanistreet (Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool)
Kay Lancaster (University of Liverpool, Unite Branch Secretary)
Karl Huxham (University of Liverpool, Unison Branch Secretary)
Michael Mohebbi (Widening Participation Officer, University of Liverpool)
Ros Rice (University of Liverpool)
Nicola Pagani (Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Liverpool)
Aoife Daly (Senior Lecturer, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool)
Simon Hailwood (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Liverpool)
Samuel Hayes (Lecturer in Planning, University of Liverpool)
Peta Bulmer (Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, University of Liverpool)
Helen Mayall (Manchester Metropolitan University, UCU Birley Site Convenor)
Martin Ralph (University of Liverpool, UCU committee (retd.))

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